Fix a bend bicycle fork

Bend forks are hard to fix — I thought. But to get it somewhat straight is sometimes not that big of a deal!

This is the bend fork. It is also the reason that made the bike go to trash before I saved it:

Noticeable curved to the right, very bad geometry for riding. Wheel almost touches fork

To bend the fork back to shape, I build a pair wooden brackets with a groove. The brackets protect the forks shaft from getting damaged and enable a strong fixing of the fork in the vise.

I used multilayer plywood and cut it with a handheld saw using an 45° inclined cut

Next, I measured the distance in between the forks endings (here 100 mm), and started to bend each arm back towards its original position. Checking the progress by inserting the wheel as a gauge after each iteration and also measuring the distance of the endings.

This is how it looked afterwards:

A lot better and ready to ride! Wheel is centred and far from touching the fork legs
Another shot

The same brackets can be used to fix a bend handlebar

From the apparent crash, the bikes handlebar also doesn’t look good. Now not a big deal anymore :)

…in the process…


You don’t need a big vise (even though it makes thinks easier) to fix a fork!

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