Release: A self hosted podcast manager for your personal cloud

After several months of development time, I would like to present a preview of my new Podcast app. Soon it will be a fully featured podcast manager which you can integrate into your existing personal Nextcloud instance.

In this preview release, the app already includes some neat features: Browse podcast categories and charts, scroll through all the episodes of your favorite show, search and subscribe to podcasts.

Browsing in podcast categories

This is the next multimedia app after the Radio app I did before. I was already looking for an open source and self hosted alternative to commercial podcast web managers but couldn’t find any. Using the Podcast app, you always have access to your podcast subscriptions and listening states, using your smartphone or computer at work.

Page showing overview of podcast show

Since this is a preview, some features are not yet implemented. For example updating subscribed shows and seeing the newest episodes. Nevertheless I wanted to get some feedback about the idea. What do you think about it? What features are missing and what should be changed?

Seeking to specific chapters of an episode

You can get the latest version of the app on the Gitlab release page or Nextcloud app store. Report issues or submit pull requests on the project page here.

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  1. Hi, I am not so much of a podcast consumer, but if i do i find it hard to keep track about episodes i already listened too. So a good visual representation of that would be a huge plus. Also having the possibility to kind of rate or comment on episodes or tag them would be nice. If you want e.g. to listen to your most inspiring podcasts on a topic, it sometimes hard to find them again even in your own library.

  2. One thing Overcast has an issue with is actually keeping up with the Feed URLs, I wonder how this one will do it?

    If a podcast changes their backend host theyll update it on the big boys like apple, spotify, etc but you have to keep up with it on your own if you use a 3rd party.

    I have some podcasts I archive using MediaMonkey and RSS feeds will stop working out of nowhere because a podcast changed their host.

  3. @stoerte: The functionality to keep tack of current and played episodes is on the roadmap. Putting them into a favorite list is a good idea, will keep note of this.

    @Deepblack: This depends on the backend service Fyyd. I hope they’ll keep everything up to date. But since it’s a community service, I guess they will do a good job ;)

  4. IÔÇÖd really love a way to make comments on particular episodes, at a particular location in the audio (something like SoundCloud) would be amazing.

    Rating podcasts and episodes would be great too. Or a way to label episodes and later find all the episodes with a certain label.

    Looks great so far!

  5. are there any ios apps outside of nextcloud that could be pointed to our home server podcast manager?

  6. @josh For Android there could be support in gPodder or AntennaPod. For iOS I don’t know any good open source app :(

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