All you need is 1x EUR-palett, 2x OSB and 3x roof battens for this 2.5 m wide heavily loadable table.

This is neutrino checking the newly build table. But how does it look like? Read below to find out


  • 1x EUR-pallet
  • 2x OSB of 15 mm thickness (or 1x 30 mm)
  • 3 – 4 roof battens


Cut the palett

The hardest part first: Cut the EUR-palett in half perpendicular to its longer side. Exactly in the middle, so that you are left with two identical pieces. Afterwards cut gaps that fit the upright cross section of your roof battens as shown in this picture:

Cut the battens

Cut the roof battens such that they meet the length of your OSB. Im our case 2.5 m. Screw one to the front and place two in the moulds of the EUR-pallets.

Build supporting Legs to the middel

That step is still lacking a convincing system. We just build some random legs and made sure they don’t fold sideways too easy.

Put a surface and enjoy :)

Place the two OSB on top of each other for rad sturdiness.

Use it as a work bench or load it like hell — in any case: enjoy this cheap and fast build heavy-duty table! :D And thanks @neutrino, it was big fun building it with you!

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